Your personal consultation...

Dear interested party, dear family members and joy of those concerned,

if you found this page here, then we either had direct personal contact or I was recommended to you privately by someone from your circle of friends or acquaintances.

Anyway - you are here because you know what I do and what I can do for you if you work with me.

And since we both had direct or indirect contact and this is my page for "friends & acquaintances", I will gladly give you preference over all "external applicants" if you accept this offer here:

Would you like me to support you to leave your addiction behind and finally get away from alcohol and pills?

I've set aside some time in the next 48 hours to talk to you personally about how we can achieve exactly that for you and your well-being, so that you can achieve a better quality of life and become free again.

During this personal consultation I will show you with which step-by-step plan many other dependent people have already managed to leave their dependency behind within only 5-7 days with my help.

Attention: This is not for everyone!

  • You must be addicted to either alcohol or pills.
  • You are NOT pregnant.
  • You do NOT suffer from a mental illness, heart disease, cancer or epilepsy.
  • You are really innerly determined to leave your addiction behind.
  • You are able to spend 5-7 days in Leipzig or in the Bavarian Alps where the training or coaching will take place.

If you recognize yourself in it, then click on the button now!

I look forward to advising you personally!

Yegeniy Bakumovski

Yevgeniy Bakumovski

Addiction-Free Coach

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